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A Choice of World
What we commonly think of as "me" or "self" is really a package, a collection of many aspects, designed to facilitate the human experience. You might call it awareness with intent, enacting stories, housed in a body. How we distribute our attention among these aspects determines our sense of reality, our world.
To play in the physical world requires a body capable of sensing the physical environment. As our body matures we develop physical awareness and power. Each body is unique, with different capacities, challenges, preferences and inputs. The body exists in physical time. sm_nature.jpg
sm_people.jpg Enacting stories is the world of people. To play in it requires the ability to act and portray a role. As our personality matures we become immersed in time and stories. We solidify our role and then become it (I am "something"). Each personality, like a role in a play, was built to serve a particular personal history. Personality exists in social time
Awareness with intent is the world of being - I am. To play in it requires internal silence. As we mature spiritually we remove beliefs and use the more subtle seeing and knowing as direct perceptions of reality. Each being has unique perception and intent, and is timeless. sm_spirit.jpg
The aspects of "me" in each world rarely agree on what is true or right to do, yet they can, with training, work in harmony with each other. We can honor the being's delight in tasty food, the personality's thought "finish what's on your plate" and the body's actual hunger, without making any one of them right or wrong, nor letting any one of them run the show.

To live awake, as an integrated being, we can not over or under estimate these different worlds. Knowing you are a spiritual being does not help you manage time or get a job, nor does meditation, no matter how profound, empty your bladder. Each world requires some of your attention, but not all of it, and not all the time. Our experienced reality, the world we choose to live in, depends on our maturity in each of these aspects and our capacity to choose between them.

Those who choose awake are not without pains in the physical, social concerns or energetic karma, they are simply those who have an actual, not theoretical, choice as to which world they give their attention to each moment.

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