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About Allan

An "about" section is usually devoted to information about personality. For me that is equivalent to having my clothes introduce themselves to your clothes. A "resume" would be to show up "there and then". I choose to focus my attention in the world of being and to introduce myself to you is to show up "here and now", each moment, as undefined.

I had an education, a job, a career and a "normal life", yet I was missing something I could not name. I encountered the spiritual path (books, workshops, tapes) and followed it with passion, ending up with the last definition a spiritual seeker can have within the world of people - a teacher.

I reached a clarity of understanding and hoped that "if I explain it well enough others would be convinced and come play". I tried to take everyone with me, to convince them that my world was "better" (trying not to be arrogant of course...). Everyone standing at the edge of the world of people, preparing to leave, does something similar. it's not personal.

Thankfully, despite a herculean effort, I failed to convince anyone of anything. So I left to travel alone.

I have traveled both externally and internally, burning with the intensity of self inquiry, searching for what was fundamentally human. I have come up mostly empty handed. The only thing I can say about "people" in general, is that they seek to be alive - my only consistent guide.

"The glory of God is man fully alive" - St Irenaeus

Each individual has their own reality, their own body/mind vehicle and their own intent for where it should travel. Agreement is neither possible nor of interest to me. Here I offer, to those who want it, another perception and paradigm, and the option to assemble another world to live and play in.

I don't know who I am, but I like who I become by the process of unfolding. I follow intent and power. I have no doctrine, affiliations or lineage...

I wish I could say that I learned my lessons quickly, but the path of power is an infinitely humbling one. I have fallen many times. In the end, the only thing that matters, is having a steady determination, or as some wise sage advised - "further!".


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