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This site is devoted to waking up as the individual journey, relating awake as a paradigm of personal relating, and group knowing as a paradigm for conscious community.

Beyond Words

Until you encounter your own knowing you must always think to know. Sincere seeking is an indication that the world of descriptions, even spiritual descriptions, is no longer enough.

Don't these images of food look delicious?

Will the IMAGES satisfy your hunger?

Static pictures, no matter how good, are never the live experience. Words, no matter how closely they point to truth, can only point, they are never truth.

This site is a map for the spiritual journey, but not the journey. When you seek to touch reality with your own eyes no map, no matter how good, can replace your own vision. Those who want living truth will eventually exhaust understanding and, step by step, remove thoughts of what "should be" freeing their attention to see, and play with, what is.

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